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Modified Lawn & Garden Tractor Class

1. Weight classes to be 1100 and 1400 lb.

2. Overall length of the tractor not to exceed 6 feet measured from the center on the rear axle to the extreme front of the weights. Width not to exceed 6 feet including all wheel weights.

3. All drivers must wear helmets and eye protection when pulling.

4. Drivers in the Lawn and Garden Class will be allowed to purchase a yearly competition membership for $15.00 (unless drivers can join under a family membership). Drivers that purchase this type of competition membership under the Lawn & Garden Tractor Class will be issued a special insurance card. This special insurance card will be good for the Lawn & Garden Tractor Class ONLY.

5. Drivers in the Stock class who are not members may compete with a one time membership of $5.00 per event.

6 All weight rods on the tires are not to protrude more than 2 inches beyond the last weight at anytime.

7. Drawbars will be a flat drawbar with a 2 inch or larger hole. Pulling point may not be more than 3/4" from the back edge of the hitching device. The hook will be dropped in from the top of the bar. Drawbars must be rigid in all directions.

8. All tractors will pull in two wheel drive only.

9. All tractors shall have wheelie pads. Pads are to be 4"x4".

Maximum height to be 6 inches. Rear of pads are to measure a minimum of 6 inches from outer rear circumference of the tire. Wheelie bars to be tested at a maximum weight and stamped as such by the board.

10. Hitch height is 12 inches maximum and is measured from the top of the bar.

11. Tractors must be in stock in appearance and have hood, tinware, and fenders in place.

12. Engines must be O.E.M. produced engine of lawn&garden style. Kohler, Briggs,

Tecumseh, Onan, etc. 1 or 2 cyl., air cooled, four cycle. No visible alterations to the engine.

13.Drive train, Transmission, Axle, Transaxle, ect. Must be of stock appearance. No exposed rotating part. " (SHIELDING REQUIRED)" 14.Must use a Stock Type Carburator:. Float bowl style, unless it is proven that the engine for that tractor came with another style. Gasoline or diesel fuel only.

15.Exhaust, if muffler is not used, it must discharge vertical above the engine. Hood maybe modified to accept exhaust pipes. [ No Rain Caps while pulling.]

16.If engine is not governed it must have a DEADMAN throttle control.

Max tire size 26x12:00x12. Tire alteration allowed. No chains, dual tires, tire studs allowed. 34" High but narrow tire that came standard on some models will be allowed on techman approval only.