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Non Automotive Engine Powered Tractor Class

1. Weight Classes to be 1400 & 1700 lbs

2. All Weight rods on tires are not to protrude more than 2 inches beyond the last weight at anytime.

3. Tractor Engine(s):

A. Engine not to exceed more than 1500cc total, with no more than 4 cyl's.

B. If diesel no more than 2 turbos.

4. Tractor will use rubber tires not to be over 31 inches in height.
Tires may be cut, molded or restyled in any way, but no items or material to be added on.

5. All Tractors will have Clutch, Belt and Chain Guards of 1/8" or more of steel.

6. Drive Train to be suitably shielded to contain parts in case of breakage.

7. Tractors will use a muffler or baffled tuned exhaust system.
All exhaust being discharged vertically, plus or minus 10 degrees at the directors discretion.

8. No portion of any tractor may exceed 8 feet forward of the center of the rear
wheel, nor will it exceed 6 feet maximum width.

9. Kill Switches are required on all tractors, to have a 2 inch ring mounted in the rear of the tractor. 10. Tractors will have fenders suitable for protecting the driver.

11. Tractor will be equipped with a 2-1/2 lb. class A.B. fire extinguisher.

12. Hitch height to be 13".

13. Back up light and neutral safety switch needed.

14. Drawbars will be a flat drawbar with a 2 inch or larger hole. Pulling point may not be more than 3/4" from the back edge of the hitching device. The hook will be dropped in from the top of the bar. Drawbars must be rigid in all directions.

15. All tractors will pull in two wheel drive only.

16. All tractors shall have wheelie pads. Pads are to be 4"x4". Maximum height to be 6 inches. Rear of pads are to measure a minimum of 6 inches from outer rear circumference of the tire. Wheelie bars to be tested at a maximum weight and stamped as such by the board.